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Superior Vehicle Radiator and Cooling System Repairs, Maintenance, and Installations.

Tameside Radiators: your local cooling experts servicing the North West of England and beyond

High Standard Radiator Repair Services

We specialise in the rebuilding and repairing of radiators for all types of motor vehicles. Our professional team work with many industries.

 Please have a look at our services below.

Black Alfa Romeo car


Because a car radiator is critical to effective engine operation, it is essential to follow proper maintenance requirements in order to keep the cooling system in good condition.

A solid radiator is essential for keeping your car's engine from overheating. If the coolant system is leaking or the radiator is clogged, the temperature gauge may increase above the ideal temperature.

Tameside Radiators offers a wide range of  automotive radiators, as well as excellent customer service, for all of your radiator requirements.

Contact us today if you need a price on:

  • Radiators

  • Intercooler

  • Heater Matrix

  • Oil Cooler

  • Fan Motors


We carry North West England's largest range of Car Air  Conditioning Components


Compressor: It’s located in the front of the vehicle and is responsible for putting the refrigerant under pressure. It works to compress the gas to the point of around 250 psi and increase the temperature at the same time.

•Condenser: A radiator-like component that the gas moves through once it has been heated up. Inside the condenser, the gas is converted to a liquid as the heat is removed.

Evaporator: It’s responsible for pulling the refrigerant into the vacuum, where the gas then becomes cold.

Thermal expansion valve: It changes the system from high pressure to low pressure. It’s where things change from hot to cold.

Drier or accumulator Removes the water that has entered the system. Without this step, the unit can form ice crystals, which can damage the air conditioning unit

Detail of the air conditioning button inside a car
trucks cooling system


We specialise in the repair and re-manufacture of all types of radiators and intercoolers for all commercial manufacturers in the UK.

We also clean and repair Aluminium and Steel Fuel Tanks.

All our products are OEM equivalent quality and backed by a 12-month guarantee.

We carry an extensive range of commercial radiators, intercoolers and fuel tanks, header tanks and fan cowls in stock.

  • Radiators

  • Intercoolers

  • Charge Air Coolers

  • Oil Coolers

  • Heater radiators

  • Fuel tanks


Tameside Radiators supplies all of the replacement parts you need for your bus or coach engine cooling system.

Not sure what parts you need for your bus or coach? Contact our fully trained team, and they will answer all of your questions.

We have a wide range of radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers, heaters and fuel tanks in stock.

All of our Parts are of OE  manufacture or OE Equivalent parts

Cost-effective services

Maintenance service for fuel tanks available with a large range of popular repaired units in stock,

bus cooler system
industrial vehicle cooling system


An inspection of the entire cooling system is necessary to avoid unexpected costly repairs, radiator or charge air cooler failures. If you need a new system or a repair, our radiators and intercoolers are manufactured and designed to meet all O.E. specifications for the best quality and perfect fit.

We understand that downtime costs you money so aim to turn your clean/test/repair around quickly.

Tameside Radiators provide services including:​

  • Radiators

  • Intercoolers

  • Hydraulic Rams

  • Hydraulic Pumps

  • Diesel & Hydraulic Tanks


All makes of equipment can be cleaned and repaired or replacements supplied.


Cleaning and testing services are also available to minimise the downtime of your equipment


We have been providing expert services to various train companies in the United Kingdom for over 25 years. In addition to having a large stock throughout the UK, we also serve a range of unique services, taking care to meet the individual needs of all our rail sector clients.

We specialise in the restoration of a wide range of components for the Rail Industry, including:


  • Radiators

  • Intercoolers

  • Aftercoolers

  • Hydrostatic Coolers

  • Oil coolers

  • Fuel Tank Cleaning and Repair

Light Rail Cooling System
heat exchanger


We specialise in supplying, repairing and manufacturing all types of heat exchangers for all industries including schools, hospitals, universities and airports.

Heating and Cooling Coils

We offer new or replacement coils, air conditioning units and chiller batteries remanufactured from a variety of materials. Site repairs can also be carried out to most heating coils and water chillers


We can repair or retube most shell and tube heat exchanges in our workshop often re-using tube plates and baffle to help reduce cost. Shell and tube heat exchanges are prone to blockage which leads to inefficiency. We can by using the right chemicals fully clean all tubes to improve efficiency and test to ensure the unit is not leaking.

Very often coolers can not be removed from the in-site position due to size so we offer an on-site tube pulling and replacement service that reduces the cost of removal of the unit.

Plate Cleaning

It is important to keep heat exchanger plates clean and free from debris to improve heat transfer. We can strip your unit down and clean it with chemicals before inspecting for cracks and pin holes.  We then rebuild your unit using genuine manufacturers' gaskets and test

Radiator Services: Services
Air Conditioning
Commercial Vehile
Bus and Coach
Off Highway/Materia Handling
Rail n Traction
new vehicle radiator

Tameside Radiators has the widest range of car radiators and heaters in North West England.

Contact us today on 0161 344 2001 if you need a price on radiators, intercoolers, heater matrix and oil coolers. 

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